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Palace Pool for FREE

Can't believe it ... After 30 km's biking, a sleepless night at a friend's place I went from Geneva to Montreux to do some sales while my friend went to the mountains to fix something. I managed to sell one of my products to an older guy from the market. This dude was headbanging to Sam de Sham & The Pharohs. I managed to create an instant rapport with this guy and sell after a few minutes ... So I ran a little bit here a little bit there until I found myself solo in the Swimming Pool of Eden Palace Yahoouu ! All Free

After my friend was supposed to pick me up & go to Gstaad! He did not, so my happy state went from hero to zero ! I was pissed off @ You see, when you expect something and you trust your friend but he don't show up. And after you have been taking the train, done 3hours extra because of his ***. He tells you to pick you up at 5 P.M & while you are waiting you find out that he is swimming in the swimming pool of Montreux Palace, another Palace and don't pick you up !!! You seriously ask yourself, what you can do to have a better day.

As a bonus! When I came back to my host family after a let's just say long day. Screaming at me telling me that I can't do this, I can't do that. Don't use the kitchen ...
Yea it's a challenge to be a ROAMING ROMEO what tha fuck.

Important to note. People with money can control in some way. I was living of chips and still this host family want to control by restricting everything.

However.. It is important to understand, that even though they tell you that it is not good enough. Don't take it personal, that's their point of view, it's their belief not yours.

Anyways a lot of aniexety, psychological pressure at the moment. I need to find a new place to stay before Tuesday, wish me luck!


Palace Pool for FREE

Palace Pool for FREE

Palace Pool for FREE

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