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Ladies, Gentleman & entrepreneurs

Welcome to ROAMinG ROmeO ;-) in about 7 milliseconds you will be flying FIRST CLASS into a World full of colors, champagne, business, life, action and an unusual lifestyle. Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to ROAMinG ROmeO's World.

My name is Romeo Rich I have had a name change a couple of times before getting here. Anyways, I'm born in Copenhagen Denmark, I am 27, born in 1987, I've been living in 3 different Countries. I speak 7 different languages, I've had 5 full time jobs, 7 different apartments in France, 7 different apartments in Switzerland & 1 house, too many temp jobs to count and my Own Life Coaching Company, New Attitude at 23. All on my own !

I started out as a newspaper boy around 14 years old, then a Mcdonald boy. After high school I became a flying Peter Pan employee in Walt Disney @ Paris for a semester. Then I worked as a Plastic boy for a plastic packaging company in Denmark and with my hard earned money I decided to start a living in France. Everything changed in Montpellier, South of France.... We will come back to that later.

In France I worked as a Sales Engineer selling smartphones & tablets, a Sales Assistant for Clothing & Style. I became a Skiset Coach without knowing anything about skiing or the mountains for that sake, that was in Val Thorens. I was a booking agent in Courchevel and worked for La Folie Douce in Meribel during the Winter Season 2013. Oh did I say my last job in France was a seasonal G.O Sales Assistant job in Club Med Vittel and that I lived with the most fantastic Jewish family for a year before I moved to Switzerland ?

The Question is : Why did I do all this, Why did I run, Why am I running... seriously !

Since very little I have a Dream, that one day I will become an Actor & a Rockstar, think about it for a moment. What is your Dream ... Are you running in the right direction ?

You see I was Sixteen years old when I got accepted at the Music Academy International but since my parents did not pay because it was private, a broken dream was made & a


You see it is like this. When we have a Dream and we put all our energy, all our enthusiasms in it, everything we have and suddenly a wall comes up. We become confused, we start running in another way, we seek for something else.

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