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African Women @ 1

My arrival in Switzerland November 2013.

Short story : African women
Size : Heavy wait
Status : Single
Age: Between 20 - 25

When I first arrived in Switzerland I was lucky to be able to stay with an African women for a couple of weeks who made the most original dishes I have ever tasted in my whole life. Living in a small apartment, around 30 square meters I had no choice other than accepting the place I was staying at. Let's say I was seriously motivated to get out of there not only because the place was super small, I was sleeping in a stinky sofa, flies were swarming around but also because this African Women was a heavy weight and wanted to transform me into a loving teddy bear. Well that's what you risk to suffer when you live free I guess. She was nice to let me stay at her place, beside that the rent was over a 1000 CHF and with a budget of only 700 euros in the pocket it becomes a big challenge to find something else. But seriously I got the impression that I was sleeping with Shrek during nighttime, not only because of the flies, a snoring so powerful that not even a vacuum cleaner would be able to make the same sound !

We made a deal and the deal was that instead of paying the rent, I had to wake her up at 5 a.m, yes in the morning. Go run with her, exercise, motivate her, tell her she is the best. Exhausting but free ... Well I must admit I did a minimum like sharing the food expenses, the best that I could do. However I did not accept her flirting behavior !

After eating chips for 3 weeks I finally found a new place to stay and a J.O.B in Suisse.

- South African Women @ to be continued.

Marvelous !

African Women @ 1

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