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It's Wild out there

Let me tell you something. There is a lot of psychological pressure and a lot of thinking when you live in a town like Geneva on your own. You see it's wild out there, the rental prizes in Geneva and Switzerland are sky high. You know you have to pay minimum 800 CHF / Month for the rent, living in a small room. So if You have NO fix salary, no social help, no help from your parents, no nothing. All on your own ! How do you then survive ?

Good question.

Find a J.O.B is the only solution if you are on your own because being a student will not help you pay the rent in Switzerland ! A lot of people are doing jobs that are making them sick in Switzerland only to pay their sky high rent and to survive for a living. It's the majority and that a pity!

I mean it's unbelievable, how do a normal person being with a different nationality than Swiss survive in Switzerland if he is on his own without any financial help at all ???

It's an evil circle, let's pretend you have little cash, you have no income, no help from your parents and your stay is limited where you are.

What are your options?

Is it possible to find a job in two weeks and a place to stay ? Yes
But I tell you this, not a lot of people can do it because it takes a hell of a lot of action and luck !
So what are your second option if you are stuck in Switzerland, no help, no nothing, no job and you have to leave the place within 2 weeks.

Start preparing yourself for a Street Life !

Unless you find yourself some nice people that can help you out until you find a job to pay the freaking rent, food and a Life !

In my case that's what I did when I arrived in Switzerland with a 700 EUROS budget. I survived, I found a job and I moved from place to place like crazy. I was rooooming around ;)
I am lucky because I am from Europe, I am in excellent health and my parents tell me that I can always come back to live at their place if I am on the street.

Do I want that ? NO way!
It will mean ultimate failure, I don't want to live at my parents, I want to live my own life.

Right now my time is limited because I can only stay for awhile at my Yoga Teacher's place before going to a new place. It takes a lot of energy running from place to place, what I need is a solid place where it is possible to recharche the batteries.

Actually I have a job right now which is a good start. The challenge is that it is only paid on commission and to be able to work in the shop I need to live close by which is not the case at the moment since I live in Gaillard France and my job is situated in Lausanne Switzerland, approx 2hours transport. It's a lot of running and waste of time ! but hey it's a job and that's vital in Switzerland.

What are my options at the moment, either leave Switzerland to a more exotic place like Argentina where I know some people, stay in Switzerland at a friend's place until I can actually pay the sky high rent with my commission based job, or go back to my parents in Denmark. Humf

You see when you have a job in Switzerland and you live in Switzerland you better stay with the job until you find something, not just leave the job because the prices in Geneva will eat you up alive if you don't !

Marvelous !

It's Wild out there
It's Wild out there

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