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Macro @ 6

Short story : Pimp, Mac, Alfons
Size : 1.62 very skinny!
Status : Multiple young women
Age : Old

After a longer discussion with this older, mysterious guy with curly hair. Me and the SM girl got convinced to meet up with this little skinny guy who offered us to stay in one of his apartments. Nice apartment, 2 room furnished apartment, around 65 square meters in the middle of town. I didn't know he was a macro before I actually found myself in the environment, surrounded by hookers in all shapes and colors, how great is that right !?

This apartment happened to be like an "Auberge Espagnole" Living with a SM girl, a macro and her so called social assistant which for me seemed a little bit too mysterious to be a social assistant. Note: his phone was calling with Canal +

Living in this apartment was like the metro in Paris. 24/7 people were walking around, talking, screaming. Everything that you do not appreciate when you need to focus. This dude was full of promises, gold and green forests. He told me that if I quit my as a sales consultant he would sponsor me double as much as they paid me at my @ work. You can work in my bar and help when I need you, he said.

Naive as I was,
I quit my job to start working with this dude. I later found out that he was full of false promises and that I had been screwed.. Great!

The funny thing about this story is that, this little old guy could be very nice and caring but also very very aggressive and crazy. It went too far. The SM girl had too many clients which left me
isolated in my room for hours. The bony guy did not hold his promise, I lost my well earned job, I lost money and the environment was worse than it's a small world in Disneyland.

So I left in good terms and ended up at an Opera Singer's place that I met at a party the other day.

Marvelous !

Macro in white

Macro in white

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