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Mauritius Women @ 8

So after around a month and some peanuts with the opera singer, after a blast I ended up in a little house situated in Lausanne with a women from Mauritius and her two cats !

I had my own little princess room with teddy bears all over, barbies, honey moon pictures, glitter and glam. Wha tha fuck! Back to life as a 12 year old guy.

At least I was close to town. I used my room only to sleep the rest of the day I was out. The stay at her place lasted for around one month and then I moved to my yoga teachers place. I guess I had enough of pink!

The only reason I stayed in Lausanne was because of my work. At that time I was a sales representant for an indian tea company which was a big failure. Lot's of failures in life, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I could have been batman by now!

You can't even imagine the psychological pressure on your shoulders when moving around like crazy without really knowing where you end up next. I tell you this. It's everything else than relaxing.

How can you focus 100% on something if you always have to think about a place to stay?
My stay at my yoga teacher's place made things a little bit more clear for me.

Marvelous !

Mauritius Women @ 8

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