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Opera Singer Diva @ 7

After this Pimp and the wierd mysterious guy I ended up living with an opera singer maybe a future Diva. She was living just next door to the Macro in a new luxury building.

It all started out like this, I was invited to a party by some cool old dude who's name is Robert something. And after a lot of dancing, socializing he took me back to the Opera Singer's place in an old grey Mercedes cabriolet. I told her about my situation at the Macro's place and she told me that I could stay at her place for a time. Wow I was saved !

We kind of got into a strong friendship, I mean we literally shagged the day away. She was sweet and helpful. She let me stay for awhile. We became a strong team, swimming together, socializing together, cocking together. We had a blast !

But I was not able to stay forever because she needed to use her sponsored apartment for singing classes for her students. This meant I was out in a nice way ;) At least she gave me a deadline, a specific date so I didn't have to rush out like with the other wacky people.

So again, after been banging on the phone all day I finally found a (good) indian person that introduced me to my new place.

But I tell you this, when you have lived in a freaking nice luxury apartment and you have to leave to a single room filled up with teddy bears, pink and dolls.


Anyways, I got to a new place at a women from Mauritius in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Marvelous !

Opera Singer Diva @ 7

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