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Philippine Women @ 3

Short story : Philippine women
Size : Same size as a Dwarf, 1.50 tall
Status : Single from time to time, crazy rise habit
Age : At least 60

So it was, after 3 days on the street at the Armee de Salut,
3 days of intense searching, everything. Newspapers, television, radio, facebook, friends, internet, strangers you name it. I finally found a place at a Philippine women.
I am grateful that the colleagues of my job helped me out to find this place. I was exhausted, no energy as you can see from the picture.

You see I could always have payed for an auberge de jeunesse for a couple of days but I wanted to go to an extreme situation to see how people without any financial help manage to live in Switzerland. They don't !

I was lucky at the time being because I found a job as a waiter, working for a very old restaurant in Geneva with a good Swiss salary so I could pay for my 800 CHF room. I stayed for around 3 month's and managed to build up a saving.

One day I came home after a late night work shift, I found out that the Phillipine women had closed the bathroom door, the kitchen door and the door to my room. This meant stuck in the hallway. I was starving but since the kitchen door was closed I told the Philippine women that I needed to access the kitchen to cook some food. She had locked herself in her room, she didn't answer. So after about 45 minutes of knocking on her door I told her : "Either you open the door or else I will have to call the police."

In a nano second this little fat Philippine women came running out of her room in a frenzy with a big empty bottle of Moet trying to hit me ! She was totally furious !

This is normal because when you are living in Switzerland without any papers and you don't have a euro-peen passport, things are a little bit more challenging. She was scared to loose her place because she was basically living there illegally.

I left the same night because of her violent reaction and called a Syrian women that I met on the tram the other day that lived just around the corner, not even a friend yet.

Marvelous !

I was exhausted, no energy !

I was exhausted, no energy !

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