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Sado Masochism friend ? @ 5

Short story : SM woman
Size : Fake tits, Gothic style
Status : Brain going in the wrong direction, obsessed about domination.
Age : Around 26

So one day it happened to my surprise to meet an old friend downtown, she told me to come and live with her right away. Since I was fet up by fixing bathrooms, 5hours in IKEA here and 5hours in IKEA there. I told my female friend that I would move in with her in a few days time. What I didn't know was that this girl was earning her hard cash by practicing SM (sado masochism) in the same place that I was living. Oooooooooooooops

I happened to find out about it when I came home from work one day. I rang the door bell and she opened up all dressed in dark Gothic Sado Masochism style. If that's a style?
Tight leather pants, her boobs more free than a flying bird, it was like the red light district in Amsterdam or worse! She told me that she was awaiting a client and I had to come back in 10 minutes. Wtf

I was shocked, my so called friend I was living with made her living by practicing Sado Masochism and I was living in the same apartment, great!

That night I went to sleep at a friends place. Anyways the day after I found out that we were paying 1000 CHF too much for the apartment that we were staying at. We were both eating chips on a daily basis. I remember that one day after work there happened to be someone strange, mysterious guy, 6.2 tall, with long curly hair sitting in her sofa. She told me it was her social help assistant and I didn't know what to think or say. But hey.. I was kind of used to it with all the different adventures. This mysterious guy later told us he had a surprise and introduced us to a little bony guy who we later happened to live with. Why...
Because this little bony guy gave us one month free stay at his place and half the rent from what we were already paying. So it was a yes from both of us.

To my surprise, this little man was a macro, alfons, one of these guys that transform a woman into a sexual predators.

Marvelous !

Sado Masochism friend ? @ 5

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