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Syrian Women @ 4

Short story : Syrian women
Size : Pregnant, big belly
Status : Try to marry a guy from Luxembourg that don't want the baby. Another drama scenario!
Age : Around 28

So I called this Syrian lady woman the same night the Philippine women basically throw me out. To my surprise she told me to come over. When I arrived I remember she was on the phone with her boyfriend in a not so calm way. Anyways she told me that I could stay over for the night on the sofa ! Great I was safe for that night! I must say that I am very adaptable and used to sleep on different couches in all colors and shapes but this one was kind of better than the others. Anyways, a sleepless night because this Syrian women did argue all night long with her boyfriend about the baby and how they were going to do and this and that. and problems, problems and did I say problems?

But the morning brought good news on the table. The Syrian women told me that I could stay for 300CHF a month at her place which is very very cheap in a place like Geneva. But there was a BUT of course. The ONLY condition was that I had to install the apartment, fix the bathroom, carry the 50 kg's shopping-bags, go with her shopping baby stuff in I K E A.
Everything she was not able to do herself, because a pregnant women must take care of her belly. That meant I had to replace her arms with my own. It was a deal.

As in all kind of happy movies it went awesome in the beginning. Everything were flowing and glowing. But got damn!
I have never in my freaking entire life spent so many hours in IKEA shopping baby stuff, kitchen stuff, baby stuff, bathroom stuff and did I say baby stuff?

It was unbelievable, we managed to put massive amounts of IKEA stuff in a car with the same size as a fiat punto!!! Including a huge madras sticking out.

I still want to be thankful and grateful for my stay at her place, not only did she make nice Syrian food she also learned me a lot about the actual situation in Syria. I stayed at her place for about a month before I realized that it was better to move on, I guess too much baby tingle, tangle and IKEA. Gosh... I needed a calm place to be able to focus, not IKEA ;)

To my surprise I got picked up by a female friend that was practicing SM without me knowing it.

Marvelous !

Syrian Women @ 4

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