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Yoga Teacher's Place @ 9

So 2 days ago... I happened to end up at my yoga teacher's place which was already planned from the very beginning of my arrival in Switzerland without me knowing it. I was mass calling newspapers ads to find a place to stay when I arrived in Switzerland. Suddenly I got this random call from a lady looking for a house to stay herself, I myself was looking for a place and some space. Anyways the thing is that eventhough I didn't end up at her place in the very beginning I am there right now, almost one year after. Who knows what mysterious power is behind this, I am kind of confused.

I am grateful because she told me I can stay for 2 weeks which gives me the time to find another apartment. Soon I will have a 3 room apartment close to Uni Mail in the middle of Geneva, Marvelous ! I will be able to invite friends, have nice gatherings, the help is near, maybe.

So confusing, yesterday I was in Rolle helping a friend moving in his new little house in gorgeous surroundings. If there is a place I can recommend for peace and quiet it is Rolle in Switzerland!

Wow .....

Right now, I am keeping up my attitude and enthusiasm because I am almost moving out, my stuff is packed and I managed to get a girl named lola to help me out with my stuff, great!
The stay at my yoga teacher's place has been a very positive experience and aloud me to connect myself with my inner energies, sharp focus and ready for the next battle field.

Can you imagine to move and room around, not really .. I mean life is challenging enough like this.

By the way, here is the facebook page of my yoga teacher : https://www.facebook.com/nano.wellbeing

Marvelous !

Yoga Teacher's Place @ 9

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