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USA @ 10

I didn't get the apartment in the heart of Geneva, instead I got help from an American friend called Tony. New place, gorgeous settings, surrounded by vineyards, mountains, lake, sweeping view, fresh air. Everything you need for recharging your batteries, to go on a fresh.

I quickly adapted myself to the new place & my inspiration exploded. I wanted to be myself, go out in nature, write songs, create ...

So I did.

At first we, Tony & I decided to work together with different projects. Intense rythm, early to bed, early to rise. Our morning ritual / habbit consisted of : exercise outside 6am freezing cold, yerba mate, super sharp focus. calling like mad men from 9h - 15h NON Stop. Talk about being productive, We were literally flying ! We were Unstoppable !

But out of the 8 projects WE DID NOT MAKE ONE SINGLE DIME. Not ONE!
How is that possible? It's a good question but I guess that when you work on long term projects which are commission based. Things takes time, maybe.

The question I ask myself is, did I waste my time? hours & hours of work for not One Single DIME! Commission based work is a risk to take sometimes you WIN sometimes YOU DON'T. For me It's NOT an Option to loose & I believe that these hours of work is a part of the whole process of winning in the end. Experience.

However even though we DID NOT make ONE Dime our ideas are worth billions.

Our Productivity, the color of the rainbow changed to a new EXPLOSION in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately we are not perfect, my friend has a personality disorder and his madness made me go GaGa. To live with a person who has a personality disorder with the same traits as an emotional abuser can be very very challenging to stand up for.

I got waken up in the middle of the night, the house was always chaos, confusing, I got pulled my hair, talk about anxiety. I was always wrong when nothing was wrong, I had to repeat myself 10 times, my things got broken, I had to listen to his negative talk "I feel sick, anxiety, I feel I am going to have a panic attack". That was daily words from him. Other things like invading my private space just to name a few...Propaganda #

He was Draining my Energy. Big Time. It became so much that I got an anxiety attack in the End. A feeling of being blocked, difficulties to breath, my eyes felled sleepy and stomach pain.

I decided to go back to Denmark the very same day. It doesn't matter whether you live in gorgeous settings, surrounded by vineyards, mountains, lake, sweeping view, fresh air. If the person you are living with is making it a HELL.

I tell you this.. You can have 3 swimming pools, 1 Jacuzzi, 20 cars. It doesn't matter you will still feel like crap from the inside. Get out of there if you happen to live with an emotional abuser !

Marvelous !

USA @ 10

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