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Summer Breeze Love

Summer breeze love
let me live you out now
makes the beat so high

Summer breeze love
makes me feel the sound, yea
IBIZA's love, on
Saturdays night, yea
IBIZAS love,
To be here with you
Sunny beach
Sailing it too, yea

The Beats repeats
I feel it too
Cruising the sea
I wanna be loved, yea
I wanna be loved

Dope on the sea, please
set me free
Love of her touch
Feeling so hot

Each summer breeze
my mind is at ease
Love peacefully
Come n set me free
Come n Set me free

Sea party while
rapping its melody
the beat on the sea

Come n set me free

Touching the beat
let it go blue
It's colors heals
check out the view
check out the view

Summer breeze loves
Cruising across
the beach of love
I feel so soft
love in the wind
I live it that way
Summer breeze love
Take me away

© 2015 Romeo Ričhy

Summer Breeze Love

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