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Make a choice SANDY

Dear reader,

Sometimes in life we have to make a choice, a lot of the times in life we have to make choices and they are not always easy to make. I have a friend from Denmark that want's me to go with him to Thailand and start a business in November. At the same time I have another friend from the U.S that wants to go to Asia to start another business with me. It's all good still I am facing a big challenge right now.
I just got accepted at the Swedish University for a psychology program that I have to answer before the 30th of July that's very soon. Ultimately I want to earn money so that I can pay my own music school, music production and producer.

If I choose to go to Thailand I will minimum stay there for six month's however if I choose Sweden I will have to settle down for maybe three, four years...
If I choose to go do the music audition in December I will settle down in Copenhagen for a few years.

So it's a big decision!!! The question is, which one is better than the other?

Audition for a MUSIC SCHOOL
Business in Thailand
Solid education in Sweden

MarvelousS !

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