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What makes you come Alive?

What makes you come Alive?

Stop accepting jobs you couldn’t care less about.
Find the job that makes you shine from within. Or create your own business. Spread as much value as possible.

Why the HECK do our SYSTEM as it is today not help the single individual to find his true potential instead of putting him into RANDOM SHITTY JOBS?

Why work for someone else if you have bigger dreams? Do it!
Why be a student and choose one of the many boxes.

But I have to pay my:

My food
My Phone bill
My Insurance
My Stuff

So how can I do it? That’s a good question.

When you are a student you choose what the system has to offer you in boxes. What if you want to do something else that’s not in a box?

What if you think outside of the box and you can contribute in a different way. Either

1. You have parents that helps you out.
2. You have a sponsor
3. You get enough money to start by yourself

What happens to does people without any help from their parents who are not students, who has no financial help but still have the skills? What happens to does people?

My question. Would you as an individual accept a job you couldn’t care less about if you had a choice?
Would you not prefer to find a job that makes you come alive? A job that you are created for? Do something that you love.

Yes, but today we don’t really have a choice.
I’m telling you the truth. Individuals today that get into the active work-life, lives a rhythm called:


Most people today have a 40hour/week job they couldn’t care less about. But they do it because of pure obligation.

I would like to see our system help the outside of the box thinkers to realize their true potential. Maybe we will have more Steve Jobs, Jim Morrison's and Bill Gates like this. Instead of putting those people in locked boxes called SHITTY JOBS.
I want to see our FREAKING SYSTEM guide and help people to realize what comes from their heart instead of what is available. What comes from within of the single individual.
Because this is how our society will shine. This is what will make people happy. To make them do what they love to do. By guiding people to find their true potential we will have so much more value in our society. So much more love and peace. This will reflect everywhere. Wake up! Wake up!

Just look at the student’s. Why are most students in Scandinavia Happy. Because they have financial student help to pay themselves the rent, the food, the stuff. So they can focus on their studies, mingle, party and play play-station. Again the only rule is that the single student choose one of the boxes the system offers.

Ask yourself this question. What would happen if the student's didn't have the financial aid. Would they still study or would they be accepting the active work life right away?

That’s how it is. Yes but do this work? Do the educational system know what people loves to do? Do the system knows what comes from your heart? I doubt it. Today we aim for STATUS jobs because of the money and the safety.

Ask yourself this question. Would you still do what you do if you didn't earned money?
/ No

If Yes - Then you know what makes you come alive
If No - Think about what makes you come alive. Then start doing it.

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