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South African Women @ 2

My second place in Switzerland with a J.O.B. Fantastic

Short story : South African women
Size : Tall & heavy
Status : Single old and insane women
Age : At least 60

So I ended up living with a women from South Africa after 1 month stay with the other African women, great. A new place, a new face and close to work, a nice lady ... Kind of in the beginning but after some time I realized, I was spending all my time on her sofa watching soapies, thrillers. I seriously did not have one minute for myself before this women, Madelaine was screaming Rooomeoooo.. To my surprise she became a real bitch later on I guess you become like this when you get old. Everything I did was not good enough...
One day after a long work day 10hours + totally exhausted. Madelaine said:

"Give me the keys, I want you to leave now."

It was around 1 a.m. Since I am very calm and an understanding person I tried to calm her down by talking to her but again she said.

"Give me the keys, I want you to leave or else I jump out form the balcony."

I would not have been surprised if she had smoked DMT or something strong because this women was literally in fucking sane. But she insisted with a very serious tone.

Since I did not want her to jump out from her balcony from fifth floor I decided to listen.
I mean when you have been working like a madman all day, 10hours +, a physical hard job. You feel totally exhausted and you come home with such a crazy message.

You really start asking yourself. Is this really happening to me??? Yes it was, I was right under the cold shower with a mad women. I decided to leave the very same night because of her crazy behavior. I ended up 3 days on the street in a place called Armee de Salut not because I did not have the choice to pay myself a youth hostel but because I find it important to see life from all perspectives. So 3 days I was living with people in let's say difficult situations.

After only 3 days I found a new place, this time at a Philippine women's place.

Marvelous !

South African Women @ 2

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